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Hello and welcome to Milady with Unicorns Gratitude Gift Boutique. We offer many services and ways to show gratitude for others. Before we begin please allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Sonja. I am a mother of 5. I have 4 wonderful adult daughters with families and an angel son. I currently have 10 grandchildren (5 boys, 5 girls), a bonus grandson and a new granddaughter on the way. Much of my family still lives in the South Eastern US.

I lost my dad and brother to cancer. I am raising one of my grandsons. I have had him since he was 7 weeks old. I served my community as a CNA for many years. I also worked within the school system as a ParaProfessional in SpEd and as a volunteer for many years. I am currently 56 and suffer from CRPS and Allydonia, and Arthoritis. I have not been able to work in Corporate America in over 2 years. Most companies consider me a liablity due to my condition. We live in a home that was built in 1920 and needs a lot of work.

Because of my situation I decided that I could work at my own pace and create pieces of jewelry and art to sell. I work when I can. Because I love helping others and feel the need to be of service I have create various programs to help my community. We offer subscritions, fundraising, gifts, small business marketing and more.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look around.